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Be careful out there

On a hot Summer say taking a dip in the pool is a good way to cool off.  Spending time at the beach or lake is not a bad idea either.  But whatever choice you make be sure to keep … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving activities besides TV and football

Whether you are in need of a way to fill in some time or work off the desert, here are a couple of activities that you might find useful, especially for the kids.  I have found that it’s always good … Continue reading

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Dealing with bullies part IV – workplace bullying

When children bully each other that’s one thing, but when adults bully it’s totally something else.  The post for today is about adult bullies, a topic I’m sure we all are familiar with.  Whether your job is in an office, a … Continue reading

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Girls in sports, you’ve come a long way baby

Playing basketball in college,  I  can remember long bus rides to games for what seemed like twenty four hours away, our schedule was similar to the Men’s team but yet they flew to their games and rarely did they take … Continue reading

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Reach out and touch……

Being viewed as weak, not being able to do things on your own are a few reasons why people are so reluctant to ask for help.  I know these are some of my reasons and I bet they are yours … Continue reading

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Motivation is the key

They say people make the world go around, well so does motivation.  Motivation is what drives us, pushes us to go forward.  Some require more motivation than others, and the same goes with children. In my previous blog it was … Continue reading

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