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Should girls play on boys sport teams? You make the call

Children benefit in many ways from playing  team sports, such as increasing levels of physical activity and improving cooperation and communication skills.  When it comes to girls and boys mixing together on the same competitive sports team, that’s where there … Continue reading

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Dealing with bullies part III- cyberbullying

The internet has definitely affected the way we live with mobile technology such as the smart phone leading the way.   These technological tools include cell phones. laptops and tablets and are used to connect to social media websites and chat … Continue reading

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Take care

At some point in our lives there has come or will come a time when we have had to care for a family member or friend and we all know how challenging that can be.   We work through it and push … Continue reading

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Girls in sports, you’ve come a long way baby

Playing basketball in college,  I  can remember long bus rides to games for what seemed like twenty four hours away, our schedule was similar to the Men’s team but yet they flew to their games and rarely did they take … Continue reading

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Stop, Look and Listen

There are some times when I feel like there is never enough time in the day, where at the end of the day I find myself wishing for just one more hour.  Sound familiar?  In this ever so changing, ev… … Continue reading

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Sometimes you just have to let it go

We have a tendency to keep things that we cherish close to us, it’s a natural instinct.   Children are our most valuable resource, and as parents the need to protect them makes all the sense in the world. Having … Continue reading

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