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Words to live by

A new year often comes with an attempt to be made at something – whether it’s for the first time, (exercise program), or attempting to change the way we are doing things (eating a more healthier diet), or attempting to … Continue reading

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Don’t let it stress you

Having a happy holiday depends largely on how we manage the stressors that come with it.  Take a minute to think of all the things that can cause you to become overwhelmed, anxious, or just plain exhausted.  Be it shopping … Continue reading

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Dealing with bullies part IV – workplace bullying

When children bully each other that’s one thing, but when adults bully it’s totally something else.  The post for today is about adult bullies, a topic I’m sure we all are familiar with.  Whether your job is in an office, a … Continue reading

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Dealing with bullies part III- cyberbullying

The internet has definitely affected the way we live with mobile technology such as the smart phone leading the way.   These technological tools include cell phones. laptops and tablets and are used to connect to social media websites and chat … Continue reading

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Dealing with bullies part II – sports teams

Your child has made it through the final round of trying out for a sports team, you are overjoyed that their determination and hard work paid off, after all wasn’t that one of the main reasons you allowed them to join … Continue reading

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Dealing with bullies- part I

I am sure there are a lot of us out there that somewhere along the way has had the unfortunate luck of encountering a bully.  As a Physical Education teacher I have experienced my share of it and have learned … Continue reading

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Childhood obesity -Why?

One day I went shopping to buy some clothes but everything I tried on did not fit the way I wanted them to so I followed my conscience and began a diet and exercise program.  It wasn’t easy but as … Continue reading

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