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Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is around the corner.  That means shopping for gifts such as toys.  So as we maneuver through the holiday hustle and bustle, lets keep in mind that safety is important especially when selecting a toy for child.

Last year I blogged about the top toys for Christmas, this year I will take a look at the toys that do not meet state and national standards according to many consumer safety groups. W.A.T.C.H.  – World Against Toys Causing Harm.    To save yourself some trouble down the road, choose a toy that is age and meet the needs of the child developmentally.  Try to avoid toys that come apart or contain a string, stick or small object, young children tend to put theses things in their mouth which can cause a problem.

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Finding that balance between the appeal of a toy and the safety is difficult.  While its cool to hover off the ground for periods of time, the idea of sparks flying is a no-brainer for me as to which one to choose.

Hallmark Itty Bitty baby – this is a toy of rings that stack on top of each other.  The rings have little hats and bows that are made from fabric.  It seems they can come off, creating the potential for choking.  It was recalled in August 31, 2017.

Tolo Pull Along Pony – I have to admit the long string doesn’t seem like a good idea, especially since it’s in the form of a loop making it possible to get accidentally caught around the neck

Mattel Wonder Woman Battle Action Sword – has the potential to cause injuries such as contusions, abrasions, lacerations and possible broken bones, young children may unintentionally hit each other while playing.

Hand Fidgetz Spinners by Kipp Brothers –  This gadget is the latest craze, it was designed for stress relief, anxiety, ADHD.  They pose a danger to young children in that the small parts can come off.

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Spider-Man Drone by Marvel –  I think that Drones should not be classified as toys and definitely should be used in the presence of adults, due to the moving parts that have the potential to cause damage to the fingers, eyes and other body parts.

Nerf Zombie Strike Deadbolt Crossbar  – When I think of toys for small children a Crossbow does not come to mind.

Slackers Slackline  –  This is not for all ages,  should be for 13 and over and used with adult supervision.    It a type of tightrope, and the rope can cause serious accidents such as strangulation.

 Oval Xylophone – While it has the potential to make music, the chance of a child swallowing or choking on one of the small pieces makes this toy unsafe, as well as the Drumstick potentially obstructing the airway.

Jetts Heels Wheels –  I don’t consider this a toy, there is a possibility that a child can suffer fire and burn injuries.

Melissa and Doug Brianna baby doll – This is for children 18 months and older, but the clothing and pony tail holders can cause a problem because of the danger of a child swallowing or choking on them,

The majority of toys sold in the United States are safe with the exception of a few.   It is so important to buy from stores that we are familiar with and don’t rely solely on brand names, make sure the toys meet the National and Federal guidelines.

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