The thrill of a lifetime

One of the great things about summer is that it provides you with tons of stuff to do with amusement parks ranking at the top of the list.   I had the pleasure of visiting one a few weeks ago and had a really good time.   I came across a few do’s and don’t s that I thought I would pass on to you.

Safety, safety, safety.  How many times have we heard or read about tragic events at amusement parks where someone was injured.  With so much to do, see, and of course eat it is easy to become  distracted.  Sometimes even when precautions are taken accidents still happen, the parks have rules and guidelines in place and it’s important that they are followed.  The US Consumer Product Safety Commission estimated that close to 31,000 injuries caused by amusement park rides were seen by emergency rooms in 2016.   CNN

  1.  The height and age requirements are posted to ensure children do not get on rides that are not appropriate for them.  While I was waiting in line for the bumper cars a child tried to sneak on.  This turned out to be a bad idea not only was it not safe, but the ride was held up until the child exited which did not please the other riders. Although it may seem as if they are not paying attention, they really are.
  2. Never leave children unsupervised.  So many times in the park I noticed children moving around by themselves.  I’m sure the parents were nearby but better safe than sorry.
  3. Follow the rules of the ride – this pertains to any and all instructions given to you by the person who operates the rides.  Instructions such as keep hands in lap, make sure safety belt is fasten securely or hold on to bar or rail.

4..  Watch out for those inflatable rides, especially on a windy day.

5..  Don’t hesitate to report or ask questions if you feel a ride is not

functioning like it should, anything out of the ordinary,  noise, smoke etc.


So whether it’s a carnival, state fair or major theme park have a good time and be aware.  Happy Summer.

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