Spin your stress away

Reducing or relieving stress is important whether it is an adult or child that is searching for a way to cope.  It is a given fact that stress can affect the body in many ways physically and mentally which makes it so important that we recognize stress as well as how to manage it, especially for children.   Let’ take a look at Fidget Spinners – a stress relieving toy.

The latest fad?

Fidget Spinners is a toy that is designed  to counteract anxiety, tension, basically a stress reliever.  The spinner itself consists of a bearing in the center of the toy and is made from a variety of materials such as steel, copper and plastic.  These bearings are used to adjust how it vibrates, how much it makes and spin time.  It was invented in 1997 in the United States and by 2005  companies began to produce them in different shapes and sizes.  Wikipedia


What does it do?

The toy has prongs that surrounds the bearing that is in the middle which allows you to spin it in your hand.  They come in many different versions such as snowflakes , stars, rainbow and even in the form of Batman.   Supposedly this toy helps to reduce the fidgeting and improve student s ability to focus.

Adults have taken a liking to the Fidget spinner as well, and I can understand that for we all have sat in meetings and classes and clicked our pens or doodled as a way to focus on the matter at hand.  I have  a stress ball that is in the form of an apple, it fits perfectly in the hand and you simply squeeze it  when need be.   


Why the big deal?

While some people feel that the fidget spinners are the greatest thing since sliced bread, others beg to differ.   Schools across the country have banned them.  I know my school has after two first grade students got into a disagreement  over them (it was the fifth argument between students in a month).

It appears the students trade them or play with them instead of performing class work.  So instead of helping them to stay focused it has created the opposite effect.   While it benefits some students, overall I would have to say that a majority of students don’t really need them.  They  were invented to help children with ADHD and autism  as a way to focus.  To say fidget spinners are a threat to society and are destroying the world is going a bit overboard, why not just ask students to put them away or simply don’t bring them to school.

Tell me what’s your opinion of these fidget spinners?



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