Spring is in the air

Although it may not seem realistic to some but Spring  is right around the corner, the proof is the daylight savings time and turning the clocks forward.   I, for one find it hard to believe (heavy snow and low temperatures in the forecast for me), nevertheless  soon children as well as adults will be able to toss those winter coats aside and get outside and move around.  Here are a few Spring activities to get started.

Parks – A park in the spring allows you to see nature at its best.  The arrival of spring means flowers blooming, green grass and sunshine, so why not try a picnic in the park.  This is also a good time for kite flying, and if they have never flown one what better time to teach them than now.   You can find a park in your area: Find a Park (U.S. National Park Service) – NPS.gov

Zoo – For children there is something about going to the Zoo in the spring, it’s a great time of year,  not to mention the spectacular sights.

Museums – offer a range of activities in conjunction with spring break.  Check out the local museum in your area for fun things to do such as free classes for children, movies and storytelling.

Garden – gardening is a great way to get children involved in nature, whether the task is planting a flower, tree or shrub or maintaining the ones you have, try to involve the kids they will enjoy it.

Bike riding – Learning to ride a bike is a memory that stays with you for the rest of your life.  A simple, inexpensive activity that has multiple benefits from improving overall health to aiding in the learning and development of children.

Spring sports – Softball, Baseball, Lacrosse and Soccer are some sports that are offered in the spring if you think now is the time to let your child join a sports team.    Whatever you decide to do I’m sure the kids will love it, I must admit I’m definitely looking forward to Spring.


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3 Responses to Spring is in the air

  1. Ipuna Black says:

    These are great suggestions. Took my kids to the park today to feed the ducks and Poke Hunt. I’m fine if my kids are Poke hunting around the park if they are moving!

  2. writenlive says:

    I like taking children out to the parks and the zoos. They also engage with children of their age and being outdoors is great for the accompanying adults too! 🙂

  3. smallfitness says:

    Yes the park is great for the kids, thanks for reading!

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