My 200th follower

I have reached a small milestone in my blogging career, I’ve gained my 2ooth follower on WordPress and I am so excited.  I am not exactly sure why, maybe it’s because I have tried to be as diligent as possible as far as keeping with a routine of posting at least twice a week.  My hat is off to those of you that post everyday, my goal is to one day to be as good as you.

I would love to be able to do  that, but there are just some days where I feel as if I have nothing to contribute and I have to wait for the moment to come.  I’m sure there are some of you who can relate to that.  I’m learning a great deal about the blogging community, such as appreciating my “followers” and there is more to networking than clicking the “like” and “follow’ button.


Reading others blogs provides me with useful information, I’ve also found that commenting and reading others comments helps me to strengthen my network as I build up my blog.  It can be tedious at times, but when I see the email stating I have a new follower, I feel like I’ve gained another friend and I have – another blogger friend.

My 200th follower  -thanks to all!

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  1. Gerri says:


  2. Congratulations and best wishes for many more!

  3. smallfitness says:

    Thank you

  4. smallfitness says:

    Thank you

  5. Ipuna Black says:

    Congrats! Blogging is a lot of networking, but I’ve found it to be fun as well! It’s sounds like you are exploring the blogging world well. 🙂​

  6. Ipuna Black says:

    Also, I just read your about me page! I did my dissertation on physical activity levels of elementary school children! I have another blog I try and keep up with I love this area of research. Nice meeting you, Doc! 🙂​

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