My holiday travels

In order to get to my destination to spend time with the family for the holidays I had to travel through three different airports.   Being from New York, I started out in LaGuardia Airport and I changed planes in Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International airport and reached my destination – Memphis International airport in what is normally a two and a half to three-hour flight to five and half to six hours.  I decided for my last post of 2016 to blog about my journey home and the airports I became acquainted with.

My journey started out with the ride to the airport in a Uber taxi, something I had never done before.  My first experience was a positive one, it was actually kind of cool because the driver was someone who I  kind of knew, so that made it a little easier for me.

The next leg of my journey was the  dreaded check-in/security screen, you know the part where you basically undress (partially anyway). I am standing there thinking maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to wear those new boots.  It took forever for me to get them off.

Now on to the next phase, satisfying my appetite.   The food court offers a variety of foods.  I had a  sandwich, fries and a drink and it came to almost twenty dollars and that wasn’t even a sit down restaurant, I can only imagine what it is like to travel with children especially young ones, you could spend a fortune in the airport before you get to your destination.

The wi-fi at this airport was free for 30 minutes, then after that you had to pay $4.95 an hour.

I thought this was a nice touch in adding to the holiday season –  free eggnog


I arrived in Atlanta safe, not looking forward to that two hour lay-over, but surprisingly the time flew by, before I knew it was time to board for Memphis.   One of the reasons was because Atlanta airport had a lot going on.

The wi-fi at this airport was free, no strings attached.

I really liked the live holiday music, it made the trip just that more enjoyable.

I had to catch the train to my terminal, it wasn’t too bad.

On my way to my terminal this caught my eye.

As I viewed this display I had a moment or two of reflection about how time changes things and as we move forward into 2017 we must do so in a positive way.

I had a wonderful time at home while visiting my family.  It also gave me an opportunity to spend time with my many nieces and nephews.

Growing up,  I used to love listening to the sound of the church bells every Sunday morning, ringing throughout the town, wp-1482719206251.jpgfor some reason it gave out a feeling of togetherness in the community.

On my return trip home I was able to get a little more acquainted with the Memphis airport, there was  free wi-fi.   It was a relatively quiet airport.

Graceland Mansion was home to the rock and roll icon – Elvis Presley and now serves as a museum.


On the trip back to New York there was a slight glitch in the schedule, instead of flying to Atlanta for my connection, I was rerouted thru Detroit Airport with a three-hour lay-over, but it was not as painful as I thought it would be.

There  was a nice selection of places to eat, free wi-fi

and  certainly much to see,

including a Tram to get you to your gate on time and a self-playing piano in the food court area.

But there was one thing that I notice is becoming more and more prominent in the airports, an area designated for Veterans who are traveling, a nice way to sort of pay a tribute or honor to them for their service.  wp-1482887761117.jpg


20161112_210902.jpgSo there you have it, six airports to get to my loved ones, but let me tell you it was
worth every penny, frustration and time and I can’t wait to do it again.   Happy 2017.


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    Thanks, same to you!

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    I do so enjoy seeing things through someone else’s eyes. Blessings!

  3. Hope you had a happy & enjoyable new year! Have A Great Weekend! 🙂

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