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The holiday season is upon us so we all know what that means – more hustle and bustle than usual.  There is the buying of the gifts, attending mixers, office parties, the kids holiday concerts, grocery shopping and of course, the decorations.  For me one word comes to mind – busy, and because it’s the busiest time of year it is important that we take extra precaution in keeping children safe.


Toy injuries was the leading cause of 185,000 visits to the emergency room in 2015 and caused 11 deaths  among children under age 15 according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Parents and caregivers should make note of the safety measures to ensure that toys that have been recalled for defects such as containing lead, and choking hazards are not used.

Take a moment to read that label, it will help in determining whether or not a particular toy is appropriate for the child.  This is important because some toys have pieces that a small child can put in their mouth such as a small wheel or a balloon or battery.

Decorating is probably one of the best things I like about the holidays, the decorations should be a thing of beauty and not one for disaster.  It doesn’t matter if you are buying your tree already decorated or you are getting a live one, make sure it is resistant to fire.  When you set it up make sure it’s not near a fireplace, heater or anything that has the capability to generate heat.


Lights can be oh so pretty, when they are plugged in be sure to check the sockets (there are no wires dangling),  they are out of reach of small children and they are turned off when you retire for the night.  If there are indeed small children around you don’t want to use decorations that break easily or the ones that have the sharp edges.


Chances are there are going to be many people coming and going in your household during the holidays, keep this in mind as you try to maintain your child’s routine, for we all know as adults our life doesn’t return to normalcy until after the holidays, that’s why its crucial we try and keep the children as balanced as possible.  When traveling in the car , ensure children are safely secured in a car seat, be extra careful in following all traffic rules, because unfortunately, there are some who may not, this time of year people are easily sidetracked, resulting in traffic mishaps.  When in stores or visiting others keep your child close to you and know exactly where they are at all times.  Keep these things in mind as you go about your holiday season and hopefully it will make for a happy one.

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