Thanksgiving activities besides TV and football

20161119_132452.jpgWhether you are in need of a way to fill in some time or work off the desert, here are a couple of activities that you might find useful, especially for the kids.  I have found that it’s always good to try to move around right after that main course, because if you are anything like me you are feeling a little stuffed.

Outdoors– There are the usual fun runs such as the Turkey trot, it’s a good event because it is something that children and parents can do as well, or you may just want to get out to the park and stretch your legs.


Nature walk/hike – I’m more inclined to do this for an activity, taking a walk through the neighborhood let’s me connect to my community, there are usually others who are outside doing the same thing, working off a little energy.  This is also a good time for some bicycle, scooter and skateboard riding.

Ice skating is another option but I like to save that for perhaps that Saturday after Thanksgiving it helps to fill in that long weekend and its a good stress reliever to work in with the Black Friday shopping.  If you chose to stay around the house that’s fine too, depending on yard space you can do anything from a game of horse shoes (one of my favorites), to races, jumping rope, scavenger hunts basically any backyard game you can come up with and even though I said in my title no football go ahead and organize that game of backyard flag football.


Indoors – There are times during the holidays when the weather just doesn’t cooperate causing for one to have to improvise.  So if that happens to you or you just decide to hang inside and do something, that’s ok too.  I’m sure we all have experienced that rainy or for some, snowy Thanksgiving.


You can’t go wrong with arts and crafts, the kids love it, and it keeps them engaged, (Tip Junkie).   There are those age-old games such as Twister, Charades, Bingo and indoor Bowling (Women’s Day) that make for great entertainment and they can all be modified with a Thanksgiving theme.  I think that no matter what activity you chose to do, it’s going to be a blast because it’s all in the name of togetherness.



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I am Dr. Martha Higgins, but my friends call me “Doc”. I teach physical education to elementary students and have been doing so for the past 15 years.

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