Safe on Halloween

Halloween is that time of year where children are on the move mainly by foot, dressed as their favorite character, in pursuit of  those trick-or-treat goodies.  I wouldn’t be surprised if children ranked it as their favorite holiday, right up there with their birthday and Christmas.   I know it was mine and I bet for some of you, it was your favorite also.  I think it’s the whole fall weather, leaves falling, pumpkin carving, costume wearing thing that makes it so appealing.



It can be a fun time for all, so remember when you are out there trick-or-treating with the kids use common sense when it comes to things such as  crossing the street, (looking both ways before crossing, always cross at a cross walk), focus on the activity and avoid distractions, cell phones should be used for emergency only.  You should never let your child trick-or-treat alone and avoid houses that are poorly lit, try to choose houses/neighborhoods you are familiar with.

Costumes should be well fit and flame retardant.  When children  wear masks,  be careful that it is not something that can cause damage to the eye or would interfere with being able to see.   It is a good idea to have a flashlight or some type of reflective material for easier recognition especially at night.  Lastly make sure you know what you are getting, take a close look at your treats.  Only treats that are sealed and factory wrapped should be consumed, avoid anything that is homemade.





For those of you that would rather not do the candy thing, there is always the choice of  going to a Pumpkin patch, picking out pumpkins, taking them home and carving them into Jack O’Lanterns.  Going to a Pumpkin Patch is an adventure within itself, because you are not just picking any pumpkin, you are picking  a pumpkin that’s going to make the best Jack O’ Lantern.


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If you don’t care for the mess that comes with scooping out the pumpkin insides, then Pumpkin push-ins kits are just the thing for you.  They vary from Mr. Potato Head to Vampires and Witches and takes away the issue of dealing with a sharp blade.  Halloween faces don’t have to be scary, although the Jack O’Lantern is my favorite, they now come in different patterns and templates  ( such as stars and polk-a-dots to name a few.  Whatever you decide to do to celebrate Halloween just make sure that it’s a safe one.  Until next time –trick-or-treat






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