Should girls play on boys sport teams? You make the call

Children benefit in many ways from playing  team sports, such as increasing levels of physical activity and improving cooperation and communication skills.  When it comes to girls and boys mixing together on the same competitive sports team, that’s where there seems to be a difference of opinion.

Some feel that the physical makeup of boys is just too great, the quickness, strength and agility allows them to dominate.   Whereas, others feel that girls can bring something to the table as well; with their sense of teamwork and sportsmanship, not to mention there are some girls whose skill level is equal to or better than boys, be it some of those girls are an exception to the rule and end up playing professional sports.   What are your thoughts on this matter, go ahead take the poll.


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I am Dr. Martha Higgins, but my friends call me "Doc". I teach physical education to elementary students and have been doing so for the past 15 years.
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2 Responses to Should girls play on boys sport teams? You make the call

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  2. fitnessgrad says:

    Personally, I do believe this should be allowed. I currently play on a co-ed softball team, I have been playing softball most of my life, among other sports and while softball and baseball differ, I still can hang with men during the game, because I use the skills I have and they aren’t any less than the worse baseball player because i am female. Men do have more upper body strength, that is for sure, and typically have more power/speed when they run but this doesn’t mean an athletic female has no place in the same sport. I like to use CrossFit for example, if you pay attention to CrossFit games, women are competing at the same levels as most men in that sport, because these women are elite athletes and train crazy and make it possible. Am I saying that they are better than the male counterparts, of course not, but they don’t receive slack for their performance because these women kick ass.


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