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Sunday October 16th was the annual Breast Cancer walk.  Each year friends, family and all those affected by this disease come together to walk for a cause, for a reason and for that I salute you.   When we hear about breast cancer we always hear the bad statistics, but today I’m going to turn it around a bit and look at the positive ones, because there is hope for a cure and one day there will be one, but until then we must continue to fight this deadly disease.   I was so inspired by my friends, I’ve decided to walk next year.


As the overall cancer death rate has declined, the number of survivors have increased, these trends show progress is being made.


Currently there are 3 million women living with breast cancer in the United States.


Since 1989 the number of women who have died from breast cancer has steadily decreased thanks to early detection and treatments.


In women younger than 50, there has been a decrease of 3.2% per year from 2007 to 2011.

This data is according to the American Cancer Society 2016.





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