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At some point in our lives there has come or will come a time when we have had to care for a family member or friend and we all know how challenging that can be.   We work through it and push on, sort of like how youth athletes have a tendency to do when they incur an injury.  Children are starting to play on sports teams as early as third grade and as they get older they move on to multiple sports teams, meaning they could possibly be playing year round.


This makes them prone to injuries because their bodies are still developing.  When they become injured they don’t always do the right thing, such as letting their coach or parent know.  As a Physical Education Teacher and Coach I know this to be true, they will not mention the injury until after class or game, not with malicious intent, but simply because they want to play.  Take a look at these facts from Safe Kids World Wide about sports injuries and youth:

  • More than 45 million children participate in sports each year.
  • One in three children who play on a team is injured seriously enough to miss practice or game.
  • Girls are eight times more likely to have a ACL injury than boys.

4_1474933644473Youth athletes can take preventive measures such as warming up before the activity, this includes stretching, consuming plenty of water and if injured make sure to tell an adult.   They should try and understand that the desire to excel should not overshadow common sense for if they are injured they are of use to no one.




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I am Dr. Martha Higgins, but my friends call me “Doc”. I teach physical education to elementary students and have been doing so for the past 15 years.

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